Virtual TrailBoss Pro MT5 are a trailing stop order management tool for MetaTrader5 developed by CS-Robots equipped with total six different trailing stop methods to use as a complement to your manual trading or together with Expert Advisors that lack trailing stop function. It can handle your orders virtual (hidden from the broker) or by normal mode. With this tool, you never have to worry about being without a trailing stop again.

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Some examples of how the product works

Example 1; Let's say you want to use the product together with an expert adviser with the unique magic number 1234 on the eurusd symbol and time frame M15. First, open another chart with the same symbol and time frame and load the product on this chart. Open the product settings and in the Magic_Numer_ID field enter 1234. Remember that if your expert advisor places more than one order then the product will use average price trailing.

Example 2; Let's say that instead you want to let the product handle all of your orders at one and the same time, in this example you have an expert advisor's own placed orders and manually placed by yourself. In this case, you can open a new chart on any symbol, but instead of entering a unique magic number, enter now -1, which means that the product will now handle all of your total orders in the terminal.


Input settings and descriptions