Important factors and requirements for successful copy result

Fisrt of all you need to understand the most important thing with signal copying and that is how metatrader calculates your lot size on a signal and this is general praxis and applyies to all signals not just mine. READ ABOUT IT HERE!

When you copy trades from my account signals demo or real there are some important factors to have in mind. The two biggest enemies are SLIPPAGE and EXECUTION speed. It's very important that YOU understand and compare broker slippage before you subscribe to any of my signals! If your broker are in the so called 'Green Zone' in the 'Slippage' tab where you compare different brokers slippage against my signal it'll be okey to copy trades without to big slippage, if it's to big it will have a negative impact on your account and we don't want that right? 

The second factor EXECUTION speed also needs to be optimal, therefor you need a fast low ping VPS. I always recommend MQL5 VPS service for best performance. 

Virtual hosting for MetaTrader 4/5 is the best VPS solution for Forex. It is cheap, it requires no configuration and it features minimum delays to the server. For only $10 per month, you obtain a virtual platform that works around the clock, saves your profit and pays off. Create a remote copy of the application directly from the platform. Launch trading robots or activate a signal subscription on it in just a single click.

Before you subscribe to a DEMO or REAL signal you also need to check MY signals current account balance. You are required to deposit not less then my account balance PLUS 5-10% or more. When you are about to withdraw any profits - NEVER withdraw minus MY account balance! You always need to have minimum same balance as i do plus thoose extra 5-10% and this is very important!

So let's sum it up then with an example - If my current account balance has reached let's say 1678USD and you decide to subscribe to my signal. First of all you check if your broker are in the green zone, if not you may have to register with another broker or you take the chance but thats NOT recommended because you can end up loosing money instead of making any profits. If everything's okey with your broker slippage check you now need to check your current account balance......if your's below 1762 (+5% included) you need to deposit to add up. I recommend you always stay minimum 5% more then my balance but 10% are even better and that would be equal to 1846USD in this example.

Finally, the signal settings in Meta trader 4 terminal. Check thoose red marked settings, and set them exactly as the pictures show!


Last thing then - In order to copy trades from my accounts YOU need to be a registered member at MQL5 community. Registration process takes less then 5 minutes if you're not a member! FREE signals are ofcourse free to subscribe to (Demo accounts) but real accounts got a monthly fee of 35USD. Make sure YOU deposit funds to your MQL5 account if you want to subscribe to my real accounts and also use MQL5 VPS solution. Your account with MQL5 has nothing to do with your broker account - thoose are two different accounts and MQL5 are used togehter with this community's services.

Wish you good luck and good profits, if you still unsure how to subscribe don't be afraid to contact me and i'll help you out ;)

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