EA FX Horizon

Expert advisor FX Horizon, a price action forex robot developed to trade only EURUSD on timeframe H1. Equipped with CS-Robot's special designed advanced news order system - a smart market approach during news takes control over x-last placed order in a serie during unstabel market situations and keeps monitor this last order until the opportunity to close it if this order goes into + even if it's neagive in a profitability manner in the serie. This robot uses Candle stick chart analyse to find the best execution Point. Order excecution with fixed take profit levels,no stoploss and averaging technuiqe used together with CS-Robots intelligent trailing stop function and spread filter.


  • No complicated settings
  • Pre-configured for EURUSD (does not work on other symbols!)
  • Fast easy setup in less then 5 minutes
  • Long-term growth
  • New Money Management modul
  • No optimizations needed ever
  • Lifetime licens - Works on all accounts demo/real with your registered broker name
  • Free support and updates


  • Low spread ECN account with stoplevel zero
  • 5 digit quotes
  • Minimum initial deposit 1000USD
  • Meta Trader 4 terminal
  • Patience


  • Use VPS for stabel 24/7 operation( Running this robot on your home cpu is not recommended)
  • As an additional risk management safety use the FREE Drawdown Controller or the robots Equity stopout controller which are a simplyfied to only deal with total stop.


  • This forex robot ONLY work on EURUSD and timeframe H1. Almost all settings are pre-configured and locked to not be tampered with! Minimal user settings makes this robot very easy to use and setup - Just drag and drop it to your chart and be sure to check and change GTM offset to the right one between your broker terminal time and GMT time. Three types of news events can be activated/disabled - High - Medium - Low impact news.
  • This is a Long-term growth robot over time - within 6 months/1 year you begin to see it's potential.....so you need a Little bit paitence! Safety comes first right?

Input (user) settings

  • Virtual Trailingstop - True/false (false default)
  • Order panel color - Visaul grafics color (PaleGoldenRod default)
  • Deactivate news system - True/false (false default)
  • Color high mimpact news - Color of news line on chart (Red default)
  • Color medium impact news - Color of news line on chart (DarkOrange default)
  • Color low impact news - Color of news line on chart (Yellow default)
  • News line style on chart - Thickness of new lines on chart (default 2)
  • Protector mode END - Indent after news to stop monitor orders (120min default)
  • Protector mode START - Indent before news to start monitor orders (60min default)
  • xProtect - Start monitor orders after x-amount (5 default)
  • Enable Low-impact news - True/false (false default)
  • Enable Medium-impact news - True/false (false default)
  • Enable High-impact news - True/false (True default)
  • GMT offset for news - Your GMToffset(server time) for news (+3 default)
  • Draw news lines on chart - True/false (false default used together with MQL5 VPS service)
  • MM Lot mode - Money Management mode 1,2 or 3
  • Lot mode choise - (default 2)
    • 1=User defined lot size
    • 2=Fixed user defined units(1000 units/lot default)
    • 3=Internal fixed minimum (default 0.01)
  • Lot decimal - (default 0.00)
  • Max allowed lot - Maximum allowed lot by broker (200.0 default)
  • Use equity stop - True/false (false default)
  • Total equity risk - Percentage of equity to risk before total stop (default 48%)
  • Max Spread - Maximum allowed spread for order execution (4(0.4) default)

Package includes

  • Forex robot Horizon
  • Meta Trader 4 terminal - ICMarket's (Not optional to use, comes free with package)
  • Installation manual and related guides


It's always a good idea to run the robot on demo account before putting it up on a real one,  just to get familiar with it,how it works and looks like on the chart. Misstakes will not harm your virtual demo deposit meanwhile a disaster on a real one! This is not a TOY and your capital are at risk always - Never invest more capital then you can afford to loose, and this is rule #1 all traders follow at all times (hopefully)!

Rule #2 Emotions

A robot vs human are very much different. While the robot execute trades in a market condition a human maybe never would do due to emotions is one important rule to follow - Never interupt the robots operation - let it do what it's best on, trade without human emotions!

Rule #3 Terminal connection

Make sure a stable connection between terminal and broker established. Therefore a fast low ping VPS needed to run your terminal 24/7 without loss of signal. Having terminal and robots running on your home cpu is NOT recommended.


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