Here i've listed most frequent asked questions about my products.

I found a product of interest and want to buy it, how to proceed?

Can anyone use my products?

YES! I try to make them as userfriendly as possible with minimal input settings so even a beginner can use it. My experience tells me that if there's to many complicated settings to manage there could be confusions among users especially for thoose who are new to this. My utility's could need a bit more experienced users sometimes, depending on what kind of utility.

Does my forex robots only trade eurusd pair?

Whats the estimated monthly/annual yield for my robots?

About the product licens - Does it work on all brokers?

What account type should be used?

Are there demo's of CS-Robots EA products to try before a descition to purchase?

What about the support?

Are the products Meta Trader 5 compatible?

Are thoose advertised brokers on this website regulated?

Partnership relations? Anything CS-Robots would be interested in?



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