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Black Core Sga Plus Original



Black Core SGA Plus Original expert advisor, a new tough session scalper developed to be used on symbol EURUSD only. This forex robot covers 2 sessions - London and New York. Two buy&sell cores executing orders with fixed takeprofit, trailingstop and no stoploss as averaging and hedging technuique applyies. Equipped with CS Robots advanced news filter - filtering out and prohibits the robot from trading at specific news events. Orders are normally closed within the session trading time but if and when there's still open orders when session time ends the robot keep working on thoose until they are closed and also this robot never open new fresh orders within the session trading time if there's an ongoing news event.

This forex robot been carefully developed under about 1,5 years and been tested on demo and real accounts under various market situations to monitor it's behaviour and the results where outstanding! Medium - longterm growth robot and all depends on the market situations how it will perform in the future. Past trading results wont guarantee the same results in the future!


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It's always a good idea to run the robot on demo account before putting it up on a real one,  just to get familiar with it,how it works and looks like on the chart. Misstakes will not harm your virtual demo deposit meanwhile a disaster on a real one! This is not a TOY and your capital are at risk always - Never invest more capital then you can afford to loose, and this is rule #1 all traders follow at all times (hopefully)!

Rule #2 Emotions

A robot vs human are very much different. While the robot execute trades in a market condition a human maybe never would do due to emotions is one important rule to follow - Never interupt the robots operation - let it do what it's best on, trade without human emotions!

Rule #3 Terminal connection

Make sure a stable connection between terminal and broker established. Therefore a fast low ping VPS needed to run your terminal 24/7 without loss of signal. Having terminal and robots running on your home cpu is NOT recommended.