Black Core Sga Plus Original


Forex robot Black Core SGA Plus Original V5.4, a further development of the older version into a more advanced and powerful multifunctional currency trading robot. In this new version, there is now greater opportunity for the user to adjust trading hours all 5 days a week individually Monday to Friday and also the opportunity to disconnect the entire news system.

How does Black Core work then? To begin with, this robot are developed for the EURUSD instrument to trade as much as possible outside of news - that is, it's mostly never before, during and shortly after a news. The system is a scalper type that uses both hedging and averaging technology in its order system, along with an advanced trailing stop offering both traditional trailing where all information is placed at the broker side or a so-called virtual trailing where all information is instead placed in the user's terminal and thus becomes invisible to the broker .

Equipped with different filters such as trading hours, news system, maximum spread protection, Monday and Friday locks (early Friday and later start of Monday or no trade at all during Monday. It offers a variety of settings for a conscious user to adjust to their own wishes . Version V5.4 includes 4 pre-configured .set files that are easily loaded into the robot's system and then ready to be used for trading on either demo or live account, no difficult settings to adjust when .set files are used - Install the robot in your Mt4 terminal, load the desired .set file and lean back. Now, Black Core SGA Plus Original V5.4 takes over the chart, cold-tempered and without feelings, it's now working for you!

You can try a free DEMO version of this robot to evaluate it's performance and how it works. DEMO version only work on demo accounts for a limited time period (usually 30 days) and settings only available based on .setfile (Low Risk Mode) which are standard settings. Download V5.4 demo here! All settings avaliable and adjustable as in the payed version.

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Package includes

Rule #1 Greed

Never get greedy, keeps this out of your mind permanent! This is not a TOY and your capital are at risk always - Never invest more capital then you can afford to loose, and this is rule #1 all traders follow at all times (hopefully!) Never use less initial capital then 1000USD as this robot requires, if you do there's a big chance there aint enough money for correct operation which leads to a great huge loss of capital!

Rule #2 Emotions

A robot vs human are very much different, it doesen't get smarter then the developer(yet...thinking of AI) but while the robot execute trades in a market condition a human maybe never would do due to emotions is one important rule to follow - Never interupt the robots operation - let it do what it's best on, trade without human emotions!

Rule #3 Terminal connection

Make sure a stable connection between terminal and broker established. Therefore a fast low ping VPS needed to run your terminal 24/7 without loss of signal. Having terminal and robots running on your home cpu is NOT recommended. Do not under ANY live(real account) trading conditions RUN this robot without the use of a very fast and reliable VPS!