About myself



Name: Kenneth aka Captain Sweden

Lives: Sweden

Age: 46

Forex experience: About 8 years


Learned all about forex myself by reading books, articles and much much more. In present day i have developed my own forex robots,indicators and other tools. I much more like using robots to trade for me but ofcourse i do some manual trading to and my favourites are news,trend and scalping techniques. I'm just a normal guy getting around in the society and right now this is a hobby on my spare time - BUT my goal is to reach a professional level of trading and make a living out of it, in other words become my own fulltimeboss :)

My goal then, well filthy rich it's not my top priority...rather atleast make a living on it and have a good life without a boss at work that tells me what i should do and dont do. My goal can be achived and i have set up my goal to be half reached within the next 5 years. In about 10 i should and if i follow my plan be a professional trader.

I'm very strict in my trading plan, i have a say - Never get greedy! Mixing greed with trading and losses are a fact pretty fast! I've seen and sure did it myself chasing fast money by ignoring my rules and risking to much investments only to get wiped out. Well it sure works a short time...but then it's a fact that rules has to be followed all time or eventually everything will be lost. It's all about sticking to the rules,proper risk management and patience! My rule #1 - Never get greedy!

Another thought for you thats new to this - Don't expect to much of this at the beginning phase and don't think you can become a millionary over night, it doesen't work like that! You have to slowly build up your capital and in return you increase your investments on your trategy with proper risk management and rules. Follow 3 simple rules to begin with;

1:Never get greedy and with this i mean that you should never risk more then you can afford to loose! Sometimes you will loose and get emotional over the loss and as a reaction you want to recover your lost money fast.....WRONG!!!! it's most likely you fail in this step and falling even harder to the ground ending up loosing even more or all of your capital. Stay focused, accept the loss,study what happened and what you did wrong and learn from the misstake.

2:Use proper risk management for your investments. YES you need to have a proper risk management else you fail!

3:Patience! As a wrote before, don't expect to become a millionary over night - It takes time to build up a fairly good capital in wich you can live on.

If you follow theese 3 important rules and never brake them you maight have chance for success. Trading forex always comes with a risk - Never ever risk more capital then you can afford to loose!

Well folks, this is me and my presentation, meaning of my life and target goals.

About my website:

A place where you find everything you need for successful forex trading! My products suits everyone.....beginners to professional traders. My forex trading products are carefully developed having in mind that they should be easy to understand and master. I hope you will enjoy my products and at the same time having success using them.



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