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About myself


Name: Kenneth aka Captain Sweden

Lives: Sweden

Age: 45

Forex experience: About 6 years


Learned all about forex myself by reading books, articles and much much more. In present day i have developed my own bots and indicators for use on live accounts. I much more like using robots to trade for me but ofcourse i do some manual trading to and my favourites are news,trend and scalping techniques. I'm just a normal guy getting around in the society and right now this is a hobby on my spare time - BUT my goal is to reach a professional level of trading and make a living out of it, in other words become my own fulltimeboss :)

My goal then, well filthy rich it's nothing i strive to become...rather atleast make a living on it and have a good life without a boss at work that tells me what i should do and dont do. My goal can be achived and i have set up my goal to be half reached within the next 5 years. In about 10 i should and if i follow my plan be a professional trader.

I'm very strict, i have a say - Never get greedy! When greed takes over losses are a fact! My bots i use on live accounts always have conservative settings to stay safe and last the long run. I've seen and sure did it myself chasing fast money risking to much investments only to get wiped out. Well it sure works a short time...but then it's a fact that risking to high eventually everything will be lost. The projects i host, signals and bot rental solutions are high quality with optimized settings for currency pair EURUSD. As this pair adds to my favourite one i only trade EURUSD right now. I take responsability for the projects i make and deliver safe trading solutions - so that YOU can enjoy use it to and at the same time feel comfortable and safe using them!

Well folks, this is me and my presentation, meaning of my life and target goals. I hope you enjoy forex trading as much as i do....we can all learn from each other and share experiences to become even better in what we do.



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